Where do you look?

2 Aug

Sorrow looks back- When we look at our lives, we tend to look back at past situations and mistakes and feel sorrow for what we have done.  We look back


Worry looks around- We are fixed on the idea that someone is judging us, and watching us.  People are wondering why we are doing something, why we have chosen the path we are on.  We wonder what lies ahead, and what the world will mean for us in the future.  We look around.


Doubt looks down-  When we feel zero certainty about whats going to happen, we compound our worry, and turn it into doubt.  The feeling that no matter what we do, we doubt the outcome will be positive.  We look down.


But Faith Looks Up-  Faith means throwing your worries to the wind, and living.  Faith means trusting that dispite the surroundings and popular belief, everything will turn out the way that its supposed to turn out.  WE NEED TO LOOK UP.


Where are you going to look today?


One Response to “Where do you look?”

  1. jennifer August 2, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    THank you Katie!!! I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂 You are such a great writer!

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