Cost Per Wear

2 Aug

Before I buy something, I like to think about the cost per wear.

Cost of Item divided by how many time I will wear it, equals the cost per wear.

Things I take into consideration:

  • Quality.  Dont get me wrong, I LOVE Old Navy.  You can’t beat the price, but you might be able to beat the quality.  A plain cotton tee shirt is about $8.50.  This is an attractive price tag, until you look at the cost per wear.  If the tee shirt shrinks even a little bit after two washes, then I might only get two good solid wears out of it.  That is about $4.00 per wear.  However, a tee shirt that costs $25.00, made of a better material, that WONT shrink or stretch, will get more wear.  Even if I only wear it ten times before it starts to get worn in, that’s $2.50 per wear.  A better deal in the long run.
  • How often I can wear it.  How practical is it REALLY?  I am soooo easily drawn in by a $50.00 price tag on a pretty dress, but if I can only wear it if I am going to dinner with the queen, then it loses its sparkle.  Rather than go for a sparkly cocktail dress that I can wear once, I try to find a one color, simple style dress that I can accessorize different ways.  $60.00 dress that I wear once = $60.00 per wear.  $100.00 black dress that I can wear 10+ times = $10.00 or less per wear.  Sometimes the extra $$$ is worth it in the end.

"Haha, you're only gonna' wear me once!"



"You'll wear me ALL THE TIME!"








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