Revamp it: Bleach Stain

31 Jul


A friend of mine got an infamous bleach stain on one of her favorite tee shirts.  CRUD!!  Rather than despair and throw the tee shirt out with enough gusto you would think she was throwing out bad lasagna, she revamped it.

You will need


Offending article of clothing. It can be a tee shirt, or even a pair of jeans.

Bleach pen.  Most bleach pens dont have a fine tip, so if that is what you have in mind, I suggest using a toothpick as a make-shift fine tip tool.

cardboard.  Put this on the inside of the tee shirt or pant leg to ensure that the bleach doesnt bleed to the other side of your article of clothing.  Some people use a cutting board…but I would rather use something that I plan to throw away after.

A design template.  Sketch out an idea on paper first.  Transfer yor idea to your clothing with chalk, or something else that will wash off easily. Not the artistic type? Just use a stensil

Let the bleach stand for about 10 minutes for a tee shirt, and 30 minutes for jeans.  Wash like usual.

Sometimes the end result is a tee shirt that is more YOU than what you started with.  What a great way to make your clothes unique!


What ideas did you come up with?


2 Responses to “Revamp it: Bleach Stain”

  1. jennifer August 3, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    HAHA! I remember when that happened! Good times! Great idea!

  2. Jeannie September 3, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    Do you have more great arictles like this one?

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