One Womens No Thanks…

31 Jul

Is another womens YES PLEASE!

Our closets are full. Our dressers are full. If you split it into a percentage, how much of your stuff gets won on a normal basis. Time to thin it out ladies, because I am thinking that most of you are saying “hmm…About 50% I love. The other stuff is just….there.”

Determine what you love, what you need, what you just wanted, and what you think someone else might love, and you no longer do. Pick at LEAST 10 items to consign.

Find a local consignment shop, and talk to the owner. find out what his/her terms are for consignment. Some places will give you cash on the spot for your items, others require you to bring in a few items, start an account, and come back at the end of the month to claim your percentage.

I have a local consignment shop that I use, that gives cash on the spot for the clothes I bring in. Her prices are usually $3.00 per pair of jeans, and $2.00 per top. It doesnt seem like much, but when I bring in 10 or so tops that I dont wear anymore, thats $20.00 towards a top I love and will wear often.

Usually consignment shops that require you to start an account, ask that you only bring in clothing that are certain brands, and are in VERY good condition. This is where I brought my prom dress (I dont care that it was five years old, it was my favorite!!) This can be very rewarding in the long run, since you get the fulfillment of 1. A happier closet, 2.selling your item to someone that will use it more often, and 3. having the benefits of a yard sale, without someone trampling your grass.

With your unwanted, but still valuable items out of the way, You can make way for something that you TRULY love. Remember, just because you dont love it anymore, doesnt mean someone else wont love it. It might be exactly what someone is looking for. So lets all help our fellow penny pinchers.


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