Worry Not

30 Jul

There once was a boy, who woke up one morning and walked out into his living room, to find Too many worries, and problems.  He took all of his worries and problems, put them in boxes and taped them shut.  He wrapped the boxes in ribbon.  Some of the boxes were big, and some were small.



He put them all, big and small into his car, and starting to look for someone to take them.  He drove up on a yard sale, and asked the man “will you take these?”  The man looked at the big boxes, and backed away, “no way! Those worries are too big for me to handle, take them away!” So the boy did.



He drove a little further, and saw another yard sale.  Now seeing that the big worries and problems were intimidating, he offered the small ones instead.  “Please sir, take these off of my hands!”  The man laughed. “no way! Those are all little silly problems.  I havent got time to bother myself with them.  Take them away!!!”  So the boy did.


  He drove for a very long time, starting to feel helpless.  Finally he made it to the gates of heaven.  Wearily, he walked up to the gate and knocked.  “please! is anyone there!?!?”  In no time, a large booming voice answered, “yes!?”  The boy took all of the boxes, big and small, and offered them to the voice.  “Please.  I can no longer handle these worries and problems.  What a burden theyve been.  No one else will take them.  Will you?”  God was pleased, and said without hesitation, “of course I will, I thought you would never ask!”





Where do you bring your worries?  Who is willing to take them off of your hands?





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