Show Off Your Pretties

30 Jul

 Jewelry box = hiding your pretties.  Why do we do that?!??!So, as an alternative,  I’ve decided to show off my pendants first.  I have about 15 or so,
all of which are shiny and eye catching to the Katelyn that gets out of the
shower in the morning and says “what to wear today?!?!??!”

I went through my various dishes in the kitchen and Voila! I found this
little ceramic plate that was designed to only be brought out during Christmas
time.  I think NOT!!!  Look through your kitchen for things like this.  A
champagne glass that you never use would be perfect for different chains and
odds and ends.  An old tea cup would fit all of your rings.  Put your eclectic
little collection on your nightstand where your Pandora’s Box of hidden treasures
used to be.  Let the light catch your gems, so you know that you do, in fact,
have lovely little things to wear today!

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