Show Off Your Pretties: Part Two

30 Jul

Again, why hide all of your pretties in a jewelry box?  Your necklaces are suffocating in hiding, and want a chance to breathe and show off.  Even if you aren’t wearing them, they
should get a chance in the spotlight.

My sister left this behind when she moved
home to Maine for the summer.  She had originally had it next to her bed, and had
pictures tacked to it.  I always thought it was such a cute little statement,
and I’ve always envied it.  Well….DIBS!!!!
We found it together at TJ Maxx for $18.99!!!  The cushion in the middle adds a soft little touch.  The necklaces dangle on sewing pins.  I love being able to see all of my options
without really having to fidget or rummage through anything.

I think most women have a display of some sort for
their earrings, so I just thought I would share my version
I found this display on for $25.99  It has great
craftsmanship and it can hold up to 50 pairs of earrings.
So there you have it.  Swap your jewelry box for something that acts as a diplay to you, but also
serves as a little bit of color in your bedroom.
What do you use to display your pretties?

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