Its Ok….

30 Jul

To have unique nails.

As a mother, I don’t have alot of time to paint
my nails, let alone get a full blown mani.  Once the kids are to bed, and
everything is done, its time to get painting!  Its summer, so try a color you
wouldnt normally try.  Purple, yellow, and even green are style savvy right

Here are some of my
Sally Hansens Complete Salon is great
for an all in one quick job
Essie is a great high-pigment line.  The
colors REALLY pop!
Right now, I am branching away from my
french tips (that I do myself, eeeesh!) and going for something I never have
Mint Green
If you think you might not be ready for
something drastic, pick a color and paint just your thumbs.  you are likely to
see it every once in a while throughout the day.  If it catches you, and makes
you think “bleck”, whip it off. If it distracts you throughout the day with an
“oh! Pretty!” Then finish the job!

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