Feed Your Faith

30 Jul

“Feed your faith, and your fears will starve to death.”

I am a visual person, and this really spoke to me and my imagination.  I thought of two creatures living in my mind. Literally.  Faith is a sweet angelic figure that looks like what I assume an angel to look like. Faith is beautiful, and kind.  She is patient and loving, and she encourages me.

I didnt want to post a picture of what I think Faith looks like. Everyone has their own idea, so this way everyone can use their imagination.
Yes, My fear looks like the demon from Insidious.  Terrifying!

Fear sits in the corner, scouling.  He is everything that I am afraid of, put together into one solid person.  He is the boogy man under my bed, and he is what I assume the back of my husband to look like if he were to get up and leave.  He is Every late payment on my bills that I hope to never make, and he is all of my closest friends in pain and anguish.  He is everything that I am afraid of, and the thought of him sitting there in the corner of my mind, is terrifying.

Then I imagine each of them going to a table for dinner.  Faith basicly gets fed and nourished, while fear sits there, angry, slowly becoming smaller and smaller until soon his very existance is extinguished.

Feed your Faith everything.  It will never let you down.  Ignore your fear until it is gone completely.

What does your Faith look like?  What does your fear resemble?



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