Create Your Own Headboard

30 Jul

I have mentioned before that we are renting an apartment, and we are minimizing damage to the walls, floors, etc.  Our old headboard was made of metal, so everytime my dogs would hop up on the bed, my husband would leap on me when its my morning to sleep in, or even if the door would slam, the headboard would rub up againts the wall, leaving a perminent mark.  This is my unique alternative.



This collage is a combination of black and white photos, inspirational plaques, and even things from my childhood home.  The photos change as the family grows, so the look is always different.  I love seeing all of my most treasured family members in the morning when I wake up.


Make your own!  The frames are 4×6 and 5×7 frames from wal-mart.  They were all $1.00!  Vary your sizes, and placement, to make your own collage unique to you.

If you do every project with love in mind, then you cant do it wrong 🙂





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