Canvas Art That Will NOT Break The Rules

30 Jul
 I move.
ALOT.  We have only been relocated with the military twice, but it really makes
it hard to make a home, and have to pack it up every three years.  We will never
be able to buy a home to call our own, or paint walls, or really be able to feel
settled.  I refused to let that take hold.
We, like most military families,
are renting an apartments.  This makes for a few standard problems that come
with apartments.
  • No painting walls.
  • No gardens
  • No backyard
  • No holes in the wall bigger than a dime (so no mounting the TV)
  • No remodeling of any kind, no matter how much I want to!!!!

this posed a few problems. I wanted to decorate my sons nursery in a jungle
theme, but was unable to put up a border, because it was against the rules.  So
this is the idea I came up with.

Go to your local arts
and crafts store.  If you are going to be a regualr visitor to my blog, you
might as well add the location of this craft store to your internal map, because
I will have you go there alot!  Before starting this project, check your leasing
agreement, and see where the owner stands on nail and tack holes, adn whether or
not they require you to patch them up yourself.  My personal leasing agreement
allows me to put nails and tacks in the walls, but anything bigger than a dime I
have to patch up myself.  Anything bigger than that woudl cause me to lose my
deposit.  Read the fine print!!!
  • Figure out how many
    panels you want/need.  I wanted to make a border around my sons entire room, so
    I needed exactly 15.  I spaced them about 6 inches apart.  Also make a firm
    decision on what colros you want, and what sort of feeling you want the room to
    have.  If you want a small project, just 4 or 5 panels on one wall will do.  If
    you want it to be the focus, think border or mural size.
  • At the craft store,
    take a deep breath at the door.  Most places that I go have SO many options it
    can be just too much.  With a plan in mind, you can be in and out without making
    your kids want to rip their hair barettes and sneakers off.
  • I am making the
    assumption that you already have nails or tacks (I used tacks, worked perfectly
    fine) glue, scissors, and a ruler.  If not, Michaels often has these things for
    a dollar each.
  • Find your canvas.
    Michaels has a great deal where you can buy a PACKAGE of 10 canvases for
    $19.99.  This was the deal I jumped at. the ones I picked were the type that are
    stapled onto a wooden frame.  This will make it easier to tack up later!  I
    bought two packages, and let my toddler paint on the remaining ones, and gave
    them as gifts to our family.  Grab up whatever sizes floats you, but I bought
  • Now take another
    deep breath, and start praying if need be, because now we are going to the
    scrapbook paper aisle.  This aisle usually has single pages in racks.  These are
    anywhere from27 cents to 99 cents each.  You are going to need as many pages as
    you have canvas.  Go crazy and creative on your colors and patterns and
    textures.  Try to get at least two of each, so that it doesnt look too off the
    wall.  You want it to match, and “go together”.  There is not wrong choice, and
    no wrong idea.  Go bananas.
  • I also picked up some
    wooden cut outs of jungle animals to go with my theme.  This is optional
  • These pages will be
    size 12×12 (usually)  So cut them to fit your canvas accordingly.    Glue the
    pages, color side up an the flat, white side of the canvas, and let it dry.
    Rough edges are ok, as well as the white on the sides.  If you arent a fan, then
    you can wrap the canvas with your scrapbook paper like a christmas present, and
    glue/tape to the back.
  • Measure out how you
    want them to go on your wall.  I used two tacks per canvas so they would be sure
    to stay put.
Let me know what you
came up with for ideas! Post other ideas or pictures if you are so

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