Call Me Crazy…

30 Jul

Call me crazy…

But I DON’T wash my face.
That is, in the sense that I
don’t use products.  I honestly believe that if you don’t put crap on your face,
your face wont give you crap. So here are my rules:
  • NO liquid foundation.  I hardly EVER see a woman
    wearing liquid foundation, that I can’t tell she is wearing it.  It’s so hard to
    match the color of a foundation to your skin. So why bother?  Let your skin be,
    because filling your pores with liquid color is really making them
  • NO lotion, no harsh cleaners, and no scrubs.  Why over hydrate your skin,
    when it knows exactly what it’s doing?  Your skin has a particular pH level.
    Adding lotions changes it, as well as stripping some of your skin’s natural
    components with scrubs and cleaners.  Scrubs claim to make your skin look
    healthier, and maybe that’s true.  But for me, just a few hours later my skin is
    breaking out, and ANGRY that I am messing with its chi!

I can’t
really complain with my results…

  • I NEVER break out.
  • I haven’t had a pimple since I was 13.  That’s when I would cover my face with
    crap, and thats exactly what it would give me back: Crap!
  • My skin is healthy, tight, flawless, and all those good things 🙂

How do you keep your skin looking flawless?


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