A Neat Closet, is a Happy Closet

30 Jul
Lets be real.  We all wish this was our
But It isnt, because THIS is our

I will be talking about a few ways to organize your closet, but for a quick fix
that will surely make you happy, I will let you in on a secret that my sister
shared with me.

Go to your closet. Figure out where you ALWAYS look
first.  Is it right by the door?  Towards the back? Right smack in the middle?
Make space in that area.  Thats where all of your pretty things are going to
go.  This is such a quick and easy fix, that always makes my morning just a
little happier.  We all have our favorite tops and things that always make us
feel pretty.  Those are the things that need to be front and center (figurately
speaking).  Aside from your “happy spot” in your closet, organizing is
  • Tee shirts get average size hangers. Make sure that the front of each top is
    right side out, and the front of the top is facing the door.  If you dont have a
    walk in closet, just make sure all of your tops are hanging facing the same
    direction.  This way, when you are trying to find a top, you are seeing what the
    world is seeing…DUH! The front.
  • Tank tops and sleeveless tops go on baby hangers.  You can find these dainty
    hangers at wal mart in packs of 10 for under $10.  Make sure they match your
    adult hangers.  The smaller size will ensure that your tanks sleeves arent
    stretching.  Plus, it will reduce some clutter.
  • line up your shoesies.  Some organize them by size, but I like to organize
    by favorite.  I havent got alot of space in my sloet, having to share with
    hubby. SO, shoes that I dont wear as often get lined up on the top shelf, while
    favorites get lined on the floor under my tops.
There are so many ways to organize a closet, as all closets
arent the same.  Share some of your ideas!

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